Dog Hiker Rules That Bring The Santa Monica Out of You!

 Dog Hike rules in Santa Monica

You don’t have to be an expert Santa Monica dog hiker to teach your dog some basic commands. Success is usually possible, even with an inexperienced dog trainer. What it takes is a little determination, some time, and an effort and desire on your part to get the job done. The following principles can help you to get the most out of all your dog hiking sessions.  Facebook, Google Plus


As long as you have a dog collar and the leash, you are ready to begin Santa Monica dog hiker your dog at any time. If you use a clicker, you can hike your dog very quickly. Have you heard of this? When you are hiking your dog, simply click the device. A sound will come out that the dog will appreciate. When your dog does something you want, you give a click, followed by a treat. The treat is a much better reward system than with verbal praise. Dog hikers understand food and not the human language. Your dog will be conditioned, and you will not have to worry about giving treats any longer once this is done. You should, however, continue to give treats at least some of the time to make sure your dog continues to associate the click with a reward. A longer dog hiking session is not necessarily better; in fact, you’re better off keeping them short. It’s better to have frequent shorter sessions, as a dog is likely to get bored, especially if it’s a young puppy. Another factor is that the longer the session lasts, the more likely it is that you’ll become frustrated or impatient. You can actually get a lot accomplished in ten or so minutes. Once the allotted time for the session is up, just end it, even if the results weren’t spectacular. It may not seem obvious at first, but shorter sessions will be more effective in the long run.


Timing is everything, especially when it comes to hiking your dog. Santa Monica dog hikers and dogs will both become confused as to the outcome of the training which seems to be missing the mark every time they begin. Some trainers will not punish their dogs at the appropriate time. Dogs have short memories which you need to consider.

A dog hiker in Santa Monica

Rewards must be treated in the same manner. If you reward your dog, you must do it right after they had done a good thing. So if a dog has left a mess or chewed something up while you were out, it’s understandable that you’re upset, but yelling or punishing him won’t do any good. The only time that a dog really understands is the present, so that’s the only time that it makes sense to praise or scold him.


If you want to hike your dog, you can probably do it. Ruffwear. Almost everybody can teach their dog basic instruction. At the very least, a dog should be able to walk on a leash and be able to sit, stay and come. A well behaved dog is the ultimate goal. And once they understand a few basic commands, you can also teach them several tricks that will keep both you and your dog happy.


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